Things I really love these days.

Oh hey folks!

I am doing so horrible at keeping the blog updated! I guess its a combination of crazy schoolwork, regular work, our newfound addiction to lost, and being extra-tired all the time. :-) Life is crazy, but we are loving it!

I crave so many things right now- it is ridiculous. Jord is such a good sport and will run to the store for me in the wee hours of the night to fetch my weird food obsessions... I seriously love that boy! We find out NEXT WEEK what we are having- and we can't wait!!! Any guesses?

In the meantime, here are a few of my latest loves...food and non-food:

1. Yellow banana peppers. Weird, but SO good!

2. Sour candy! Oh man, my mouth is watering just looking at this picture right now. YUM!
3. LOST. Like I said, this is consuming our lives. We are debating if it is bad that we talk about the characters like they are our friends in real life. Sometimes we have conversations like this:

Jord: Can you believe that Sawyer said that to her?
Me: I know! What a jerk.
Jord: Seriously.
Me: What do you think will happen to Charlie?
Jord: I don't know, but Im glad him and Claire are finally together.
Me: I know. They are so good together.

Pathetic? Maybe. But we love it.

4. Asparagus. Weird- but I can seriously eat a whole bushel in one sitting. I have, actually. At least its healthy?

5. ANYTHING baby. Have you looked at baby clothes lately? Oh. My. Gosh. Look at these:

HELLO. Are you kidding me?? I can't believe how cute baby clothes are these days. I'm semi-worried to find out the gender next week... because then I'll be a shopping maniac with all of our non-money. :-) Oh well- its all for the fun of it, right?

6. Icecream. Especially anything chocolatey! YUM.

7. Most of all, I love this guy. He is my everything- and I can't imagine life without him! I know he will be such an awesome daddy. Love you Jord!

Soooo, I will try and get some belly pictures up in the near future. In the meantime, boy or girl? You guess. :-) While you are guessing, I will try not to spend our entire savings on baby accessories.

bye for now!


  1. Ummm... girl. That is my final answer. Unless it's a boy, and then THAT will be my final answer ;)

  2. Girl, I spend all our money on baby stuff and I'm not even pregnant, Can you imagine me when I am? Holy Moly! So I say go for it and buy baby stuff=)

    My guess is a Boy =)

  3. I hate guessing baby genders because I want to be right so I can't decide which to guess. I'm going with boy though because that would be fun. Also, remember that you will be getting tons of baby clothes at you baby showers so... if you want to buy clothes go for sizes after 6 months. most people gave me new born, 0-3 or 3-6 clothes with a few bigger here and there but not enough to keep my poor boy clothed. :) And lastly, but not least... I want sour patch straws so bad now! Thanks a lot! haha!

  4. I guess boy! Holli just found out she is having a girl, and she is pretty excited!

  5. Kels you're so cute! I have to tell you that I'm worried that I'll have the EXACT same time problem when I find out what we're having! I haven't bought anything yet, but I think I'll be a monster when I know what color to buy :)